Women’s Day: SIA launches a new company-wide campaign for the prevention of female cancer



Female cancer prevention campaign - Women's Day 2012

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On 8th March – Women’s Day - the initiatives in favor of the women employed at SIA will resume with free breast screening, gynecological examinations and smear tests, in collaboration with the Italian League Against Cancer, directly at the workplace


On 20th March, Professor Maurizio D’Incalci (Head of the Oncology Department at the Mario Negri Institute) will take part in a public meeting  at SIA’s headquarters in Via Gonin to present the epidemiologic data on the evolution of tumors in Italy and the first results of the research financed by SIA  into “The pharmacogenic study of ovarian carcinomas ” 



Milan, 7 March 2012 – To celebrate Women's Day, SIA is promoting a new cancer prevention campaign aimed at its female employees. From March until the end of May, in collaboration with the Italian League Against Cancer, about 300 women employed by SIA will have the opportunity to receive free in-house breast screenings, gynecological examinations and smear tests.


The campaign was inaugurated in 2011 with the participation of around 40% of the women, mostly between 30 and 50 years of age, who for the first time were able to receive a medical examination at their workplace, and who also showed great interest in repeating the initiative.


To ensure accurate information about female cancers, the new prevention campaign also includes a conference that will be held in Milan on 20th March at 12.00 noon at the company’s headquarters at Via Gonin, 36.

During the meeting, Professor Maurizio D'Incalci, Head of the Department of Oncology at the Mario Negri Institute, will address the theme of cancer prevention in general with a specific focus on those affecting women, highlighting the importance of a healthy lifestyle and of the role of new technologies in the study of the biology of tumors.


The event will also see the presentation of epidemiological data concerning the evolution of these diseases in Italy and the first results of the two-year research project funded by SIA on "The pharmacogenic study of ovarian carcinomas." The company, in fact, finances a number of scholarships aimed at young researchers engaged in discovering new and more effective therapies for treating cancer and other socially significant diseases such as multiple sclerosis.


Another health-related initiative has been planned and will take place before the summer, in collaboration with Centro Diagnostico Italiano, aimed at the prevention of skin cancer, which will enable all SIA employees to carry out in-house checks on skin moles.